Hi, I’m Nenah

About Me

I’m a creative intuitive, an artist, a writer, and a guide. I help soulful women connect deeply with their intuition and develop this skill so that they can live in alignment with their highest selves.

After 10 years as a barista and doing graphic design and marketing for the coffee industry, life pushed me out of the nest and I’ve been reinventing my life over the course of the past year.

Like grief so often does in people’s lives, it forced me to see what was no longer in alignment with my truth. I could no longer ignore what my intuition had been trying to tell me for so long. I quit my full-time job and plunged into the world of self-employment as a website designer and marketing professional. I still help small businesses with graphic design and marketing, but this is the space for me to align with what I really want: an intuitive life, full creative expression & authenticity, and to help others do the same.

It is my belief that everyone is intuitive and has the capacity to heal themselves and live the life they were meant to live. It is my goal to help others learn to open their hearts, trust themselves and the messages they receive from their intuition.

I do what I do because when I was lost and looking for intuitive guidance like this, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was not raised to trust in my inner voice, and when I discovered this hidden superpower inside of me (that had been there all along!), I wondered why there weren’t more people teaching this and talking about it.

I believe intuition is crucial for living a life that is aligned and American culture grossly underestimates this power and often stifles it. It makes me so happy to see people following their path and listening to their intuition—regardless of what other people say, or what society says they “should” do. Watching other people succeed and watching their dreams come true brings me immense joy, I’m often brought to tears. I believe if we saw more of this as a society, it could create a ripple effect and we’ll be looking at a whole generation who will learn from the beginning to trust themselves and their inner guidance. These more empowered people who trust their inner world completely will have no qualms about disrupting abusive and destructive patterns in the outer world.

In the long term, I’d love to see my work change lives all over the world, seeding light consciousness all across the globe and raising the vibration of the planet. I want to bring in a level of abundance that allows me to fully support myself, my family, my friends, and that also allows me to give back to Mother Earth. Connecting with nature is a huge part of my life, and want to see our forests and oceans preserved for future generations to enjoy. Thank you for being here and supporting my work and vision.


My Mission

It's my goal to use my intuition to light up my life, shine it everywhere I go, infuse it into everything I make, and spread it as far as possible. By sharing my light, I inspire others to shine as well.


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