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Natal Chart - $44

One 60 minute recording within 2 weeks

A Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you came into the world. It is a blueprint for the highest expression of your soul. It is a window into the inner workings of your psyche. The reading can be a more general overview, or if you are interested in diving deeper, we can discuss limiting beliefs, shadow, behavior patterns, childhood wounding, and karma as they appear in the chart. If you have any particular questions about your chart, don’t forget to include them when you book your reading.


I want to be completely forthcoming with any potential astrology clients. I am new to doing astrological readings, therefore, the generously reduced price. I have been studying astrology in my personal life for over 2 years, and have a natural gift for understanding the energetic patterns and cycles mirrored in an astrological chart.