Code of Ethics

I accept clients 18 years or older from all backgrounds, no matter race, age, religion, sexuality, or gender.

Client information will always be kept secure and I will never share any details including names, emails, birthdays, or elements of their reading without the client’s express permission. Any information provided by the Client will be used solely for the purpose of the reading.

I am not a licensed therapist and will not tell the Client what to do. I may make gentle suggestions, but ultimately the Client is in control of their own life. I am a mentor, a coach, a guide.

I do not use tarot or astrology predictively. The Client must maintain the responsibility of their right to choose and understand their right to exercise free will.

I reserve the right to terminate a reading at any time without prior consent.

I will respect the Client’s right to terminate a reading at any time without prior consent.

Above all, my goal is to do no harm. I act at all times in the Client’s best interest.

I will not provide readings for:

  • Medical, psychological, legal, or financial advice (career is fine)

  • Pregnancy results

  • Yes/No questions

  • Predicting the future

  • Removing curses or bad energy

  • Third-parties

What to expect in a reading:

  • Delivery via email within seven days of receipt

  • No judgement

  • Honest but compassionate interpretation

  • No sugar-coating

  • Advice and options to take actionable steps

  • A mirror to explore your own inner guidance